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Solutions that enable ski areas to make fresh snow with recycled snowmelt

  • Enough water to supply 50 to 100% of snowmaking needs

  • Zero upfront cost 

  • Over 80% less energy by eliminating pumping costs

  • Over 50% lower net water consumption

  • Dramatically lower environmental footprint

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Snowmaking is Energy Intensive

The average ski resort uses enough energy to power a small town, just to pump water make snow.

A typical resort's pumping system can only supply a fraction of its snow guns at a time

  • A single badly timed warming event can ruin a critical holiday week

  • It can take 7 to 10 days for a typical resort to restore coverage using their legacy snowmaking systems

Ski areas pump water from large rivers or lakes, over several miles, up to the top of the mountain, then down each trail's snowmaking pipes 

Copy of Legacy Snowmaking System.jpg

The climate change trap

  • Ski resorts experience multiple warming events per season

  • Each event will melt substantial portions of the snow cover

  • Resorts can recover by pumping water up the mountain to make snow, at great cost.

  • Pumping water water uphill is wasteful, energy intensive, and contributes to climate change — which causes more frequent warming events.

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