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Solution - SnowPod System

Installed at various points of the mountain, the SnowPod System captures water from the mountain's accessible, high-elevation springs and streams before it flows down. The system feeds water to nearby snowguns, where it is converted to snow and blasted onto the slopes. The snow eventually melts and continues its natural path to the lakes and rivers below

By eliminating the bottom-to-top pumping method, the ski resort will save between

30-50% in energy costs 


US Patent No. 20210333033                November 7th, 2022 

ReNewSnow_ (2).jpg

Each SnowPod can supply enough water to power 10-20 snow guns (500-1000 GPM)

Saddleback Moutain - November 2022

ZERO upfront cost for resort 30-50% annual savings on energy Nearly ZERO carbon emissions

Since resorts are not limited by their pumping capacity, water can be supplied to multiple trails at once, restoring snow cover in a fraction of the time

The additional water enables faster recovery from warming events, adding days to the ski season

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