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Solutions that enable ski areas to make snow with recycled snow-melt
  • Enough water to supply 50 to 100% of snowmaking needs
  • Zero upfront cost 
  • Over 80% less energy by eliminating pumping costs
  • Over 50% lower net water consumption
  • Dramatically lower environmental footprint
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Featured on Bloomberg TV's Advancements with Ted Danson

Snowmaking is Energy Intensive

The average ski resort uses enough energy to power a small town, just to make snow. 


Currently, snow guns use water pumped over several miles from distant lakes and rivers

More than 80% of the energy used to make snow goes into pumping water uphill

Image by ETA+

CO2 Emissions

Energy used to pump this water emits CO2, which contributes to global warming

A Truck LOAD

A medium size ski resort's

snowmaking system pumps approx. 2,000 gallons per minute

That's the equivalent of a tanker

truck full of water driving up a mountain every 6 minutes

Image by Erik Mclean

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