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Fighting Climate Change at Whistler Blackcomb

In "Death of the Ski Industry?" Tiana reports on Whistler Blackcomb's initiatives to protect themselves from climate change. "The resort now has 697 acres of snowmaking capacity due to its $26 million investment in a state-of-the-art snowmaking system."

Whistler is also leveraging It's water resources: "Additionally, in 2010 WB began operations for a micro hydro renewable energy plant situated on the resort. The project allows WB to return to the energy grid an amount equal to the Company’s annual demand."

Offsetting these emissions certainly helps, but with ReNewSnow technology, Whistler would not need to purchase grid power for snowmaking, which would lower their costs. Meanwhile, the hydro unit would still offset fossil fuel generation. Except now, instead of being a revenue neutral emissions offset, it would be a source of new revenue.

Using less energy is always better for the environment.

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