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Recovering from Rain Events

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In a recent Maine Public Radio article, Fred Bever discusses how ski-areas in the northeast have to contend with periods intense rain. "In the middle of January maybe we have a bunch of snow on the ground, and — this has happened in several of the past years — we'll get a rainstorm."

Rain events wipe out large quantities of snow, both natural and artificial, and are generally followed by a deep freeze, turning the melting snow into bocks of solid ice. Resorts recover from this by blasting the slopes with artificial snow, which is energy intensive and expensive.

The good news is that in the days following rain events, the water flow rate in mountain streams is at an absolute peak, providing resorts with ample high-elevation water. ReNewSnow's technology can deliver this water to snow guns at a 30% lower cost and with virtually no carbon emissions. Resorts can also recover even faster by operating their legacy and ReNewSnow systems simultaneously.

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