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ReNewSnow Completes Reg D Offering

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

ReNewSnow is pleased to report we have successfully completed our Reg D offering and have raised $511k to build, install, and test our SnowPod prototype at Saddleback Mountain this winter.

The SnowPod technology allows ski resorts to gather water from melting snow high on the mountain, before it drains down to rivers and lakes, for use in snowmaking operations. Snowmaking can represent as much as 67% of all the energy a ski resort consumes, nearly all of which is used to pump the water. We believe the SnowPod technology will help ski resorts dramatically cut their energy consumption and environmental footprint.

This winter’s test will be conducted in an existing man-made drainage ditch next to one of Saddleback’s ski runs. A standard weir will be used to measure flow, and a culvert fitted with instruments will divert water to a pressurized pump, which will feed a single snow gun.

The goals of this winter’s test are as follows:

  1. Measure the water flow versus time in a single stream to validate our modeling that enough surface water exists during winter conditions for snowmaking operations

  2. Demonstrate the operation of a single snow gun with water fed directly from a stream

  3. Collect the information required for the design and permitting of a full-scale system capable of supplying water to all the snow guns on one trail.

We will share updates on our progress throughout the winter.

- The ReNewSnow Team

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