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Solution - SnowPod System

ReNewSnow's PATENTED SnowPod technology reverses the currently used pumping process

US Patent No. 20210333033 


30% Annual Savings


Nearly ZERO Carbon Emissions

The SnowPod System captures water from the mountain's accessible, high elevation springs and streams before it flows down. The system feeds water to nearby snowguns where it is converted to snow and blasted onto the slopes. The snow eventually melts and continues its natural path to the lakes and rivers below

How it works.png

Increases economic development by allowing resorts to open earlier, close later, increase snowmaking capacity and cover remote trails

Renewable and sustainable

Carbon neutral: addresses the 2030 net zero carbon emission objectives of every ski resort

No capex for ski resort and 30% annual cost reduction

Easy to install, doesn't require extensive piping infrastructure

High investor IRR, high cash flow, patented, and low manufacturing cost

Business Model

ReNewSnow will: 

  • Install SnowPod system at ski resort

  • Cover the capital cost for installation 

  • Retain ownership of equipment

  • Provide water to snowguns

  • Generate a dependable, recurring, growing revenue stream


Ski resorts will be able to install SnowPods with no upfront costs and realize an IMMEDIATE


30% annual savings

in their snowmaking costs 

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